Indie 98 FM
This simple mod will let you increase the range of the CCrane FM Stereo transmitter.

1 - Remove the 2 screws under the two little round rubber feet on the back of the case just on the top left and right sides of the label.

2 - Open up the battery compartment and remove the small screw.

3 - Carefully remove the back cover. There are some thin wires so be very careful not to break them.

NOTE:If you do not want to remove the cover. You can remove the label on the back with the radio specs and find the little hole and adjust VR2 though the hole in the case.

4 - Locate the VR2 pot just to the top left of the Antenna connection.

5 - Using a small screwdriver rotate this pot control all the way to the right as far as it will go (Fully Clockwise). Be careful not to break it.

The picture shows what VR2 looks like before the MOD has been done.

6 - Place the cover back and then screw the cover back on.

After I did the MOD. the range went from 20 feet to over 700 feet.

That's all there is to it!

Have Fun

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