Outlaw Radio
Do It Yourself Broadcasting
Custom Broadcasting Antennas
  Radio station takes to the airwaves using cheap rabbit ear antenna, with surprising results!
Do It Yourself
Broadcast Antennas
EDM Design
EDM LED Transmitter is feeding our "Rabbit Ear" antenna with 30-ft of RG-6 RF cable
A cheap 75-300 ohm TV balun was used to convert the 75 ohm cable to 300 ohms for the antenna.
Rabbit Ear TV antenna clamped to beam in our barn breezeway. As you can see; the 27" elements are mounted vertically.

Note: This antenna works best above 104mhz, ours was tuned to 107.7
TV Rabbit Ear Antenna
Teac 1 mixer is used to mix MP3 CD player and satellite receiver into a Tapco 2200 EQ.
This simple radio station broadcast children's programming on Saturday morning and talk during the week
This station as set up; covers a mile with ease!
The antenna is only 12ft above ground at it's upper tip.

Ultimate FM Antenna
Custom Dipole
SWR so low; it can
barely be measured!
Custom dipole antenna, is a heavy duty design, that can withstand very high winds and has very low SWR.
Maxrad Mag-Mount antenna, with a UHF 4-bay screen used as a ground plane.Some extra screen was added to improve coverage to the north, some wires were also added to the ground plane. A larger solid screen was not available at the time of this installation, but will be added soon.
From the ground; this antenna is very hard to see, even when you are looking straight at it. As you can see, it is very hard to see the element, looking straight at it.
Close up of UHF screen on peak of roof
Maxrad Mag-Mount
Low Cost
The Free Radio Forum

Outlaw Stats
Installed in the new addition
between the barn and stall.

I set this up in
less than hour!

Radio Brandy Broadcast Workshop
Oldies 97.3FM
Station using
EDM transmitters

XRQK FM Bullhead City
XRQK FM Arizona
Radio Campus
Outlaw Radio Los Angeles
KDEY Radio
The Ultimate FM Antenna, is available from Radio Brandy. It is custom made and tuned to your frequency; allowing maximum coverage with minimal power.
This antenna can be heard 9 miles
away; with only 100 milliwatts driving
it at 30ft above ground.

Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime
Indie 98FM
Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime Web Proxy
XRQK Las Vegas
Ultimate FM Broadcast Antenna

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