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Off grid solar & wind electric systems are commonly used when there is a need for power and current utility lines are located an inaccessible distance away. This situation can arise for a home or broadcast facility being built in a remote or semi-remote location.
Solar Panel
Battery Bank
Wind Generator
This off the grid radio station
never goes off the air due to power loss.
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Here is a block layout of our one of our off the grid systems.
Learn more about solar broadcasting from KTAO's website here
With this system, we were able to power our station for about 18 hours without the cart machines, and about three with.
This used car battery cost us nothing;
Yet still has plenty of power to operate
the station for hours.
Our 400 watt invert has plenty of
reserve power for adding equipment
Our low power transmitter may not put out
allot of power, but covers a couple of miles
as is; and allows for extended time on a single
car battery.
As Always
This Site
Is A Work In

We will be adding links to sources for do it yourself off the grid broadcasting through out the month of March

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