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Studio To Transmitter Links (STL)
Studio To Transmitter Links
* 5.8GHz wireless transmitter and receiver with 4 selectable channels
* Avoids interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications
* Transmit and receive crisp video and hi-fi stereo through walls
* Long transmission range up to 300' clear line-of-sight.   
* Simultaneous viewing of video programs on a 2nd TV/monitor without wires
* Avoid the interference from crowded 2.4GHz ISM band applications such as Video Sender,     802.11b Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Cordless Phone, Microwave Oven, etc.                     
* Remotes monitoring of live video from a camcorder or CCD camera.
* Local area broadcasting of audio/video programs for multiple viewers even in different rooms. 
Do It Yourself
Studio To Transmitter Links
This page remains a work in progress
Wireless 5.8ghz & 11ghz audio video links provide a cost effective means to interconnect your studios to multiple transmitters in near by buildings.
For short ranges of 300' or less, a home wireless link will work fine to connect your main studio with the remote transmitters. RF amps and multiple receivers are available to extend your reach. In some areas you can have several large complexes clustered together containing thousands of units; as in thousands of listeners at a fraction of the cost of a Internet radio station with a thousand streams.  This set up for the most part, is a onetime expense; where Internet stations can expect a very large bill at the end of each month.
Here are common methods radio stations use to connect their studios to their remotely located transmitters.

1 Microwave
2 Audio Codec
4 Internet Stream
5 Telco Data Line

Over the coming months, we will explore the various methods used by broadcasters to interconnect their facilities.

We will be adding links to resources and reviews for equipment as they become available.

Multi Transmitter-Receiver STL
Low Cost Wireless Audio Video Links
The Free Radio Forum

Outlaw Stats
This is how our 97.3FM network is set up.
Apt 1
Apt 2
Condo 1
Condo 2
Single STL transmitter with
multiple pick up receivers
Our multi STL transmitter/receiver network
for our AM/FM stations
is linked up like this.
Single Transmitter-Multi Receiver STL
STL Network Using LAN/WAN
Barix Audio Distribution
Studio to Multi Transmitter
Links Over IP
Pro Audio Is A Low Cost Source For Barix
Barix can help build your STL network
Cost effective solution to networking multiple transmitters at a distance, keeping cost reasonable.
$200 per decoder
$400 for encoder
From Lazy J
I have recently installed about 20 Barix boxes in various locations. Personally, I love them. I will agree that the documentation on these things SUCK. And I will also agree that (Sorry LA_guy) the tech support folks at Barix are slow to respond. However, the product is solid, and once you know how to set them up, they work great. If you are using an Instreamer to send to multiple Exstreamers, use the BRTP setting. I set a static IP address at my Instreamer location, and have the Exstreamers look at the Instreamer. I ALWAYS load the streaming client firmware on the Exstreamers. It makes them so much easier to setup.

So, you have the static IP on your Instreamer. Set your "Stream to" to BRTP, IP address to Port "XXXX" (use whatever port you want.) I use port 5555. Be sure to open that port on any routers/firewalls you may be running. Then, on the Exstreamer, Set stream 1 to BRTP://STATIC IP:PORT#

I hope this works for you. I know it took me a while to get it all figured out, but they really do work great once they are setup. And, in defense of Barix, If you search through the maze they call a web site, they actually do have Technical docs that explains most of this in pretty good detail.
Barix Tech Support
dana at barix.com
If you want to listen to an
Internet radio station it is
easier to use the Streaming
Client Firmware instead of the
Standard Exstreamer Firmware.

You can download the
Streaming Client Firmware here:
The update procedure is describe in the  readme1st.txt file.

RF Links AVS5808 STL
The RF Link 5808, provides a low cost solution
to connect your studio with your remotely located transmitter.
With an available one watt amp and a high gain
antenna; a 3-5 mile range can be expected.
RF Links PW1000
Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime
Indie 98FM
XRQK Las Vegas