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Procaster AM Transmitter
With the FCC-approved PROCASTER™ low power "Part 15" AM transmitter, you can legally broadcast any audio content over a local area without the cost or hassle of a broadcast license.

Applications include local community radio, retirement communities, churches, marinas, campgrounds, businesses, emergency broadcasts and more. Advanced design using built-in audio processing delivers professional quality 'big station' sound.

No technical knowledge? - No problem. The easy to install complete radio station in a box will get you up and running quickly.

The Procaster is the best AM transmitter for quick and temporary set ups like broadcasting a football game at the local High School, special events like horse shows or during a carnival where parking and driving directions could be be broadcast in multiple languages
Modulation scheme


Harmonic suppression

>30dB over entire frequency range

100mW input power control

Automatic self-regulating

Operating Temperature

-30°C to 40°C

Ingress Protection


Frequency selection

42 channel PLL

Frequency stability

±30ppm @ 25°C

Frequency trim (adjustable range)


Frequency accuracy
(set at time of manufacture)


Frequency range (10kHz spacing)
Americas version

1290kHz to 1700kHz

Antenna tuning

Manual adjust with meter

Treble boost option


Built-in audio processor
(may be disabled if external processing is used)

Compression control
Modulation depth control
Fast/slow release (selectable)

Audio input

Balanced transformerless

Frequency response

20Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB

Input voltage

12VDC 60mA
Solar Panel capable

Enclosure Rating

NEMA type

Enclosure finish

Gray polyester coat

Enclosure size

6" x 4" x 3"


4 holes 0.3" Dia.
spaced 2" x 6.3"

(included and certified with transmitter)

Length 103"
3-section, aluminum tube
5/8"OD, 1/2"OD, 3/8"OD


FCC Part 15.219
Industry Canada RSS-210



Lightning protection

350V 1ns gas discharge

ESD protection (power & audio)

400W TVS

Connection to Studio Control

4 conductor CAT3


Indoor Studio Interface

Audio input

3.5mm stereo jack

Input mixer

combines left and right audio

Audio level adjust

>200mV to 3V

Power input (switch selectable)


Solar panel capable


Audio output

Balanced transformerless

ESD protection (power & audio)

>400W TVS

Connection to External Transmitter

>4 conductor CAT3

Enclosure size

3.3" x 2.3" x 1.1"

Enclosure material

Black ABS


2 holes 0.19" Dia.
spaced 3.95" on side flanges

Shipping size

36" x 6" x 6"

Shipping weight

>8 lbs

Procaster AM Transmitter

Outdoor Unit
Do It Yourself Broadcasting
Carrier Current, Part 15 AM & FM, Micro Broadcasting, Hobby Broadcasting & Streaming too !
There Are Three Forms of AM Broadcasting Available To
The D.I.Y.Broadcaster

Part 15 AM Broadcasting in the United States is a legal and depending on the location and set up; can provide a car radio range of about a mile, with some reporting even greater ranges of three to five miles.

Carrier Current
AM broadcasting uses the power lines in a building as an antenna and cover a large facility like a large hospital or an apartment complex.

Radiating Antenna
AM broadcasting uses a vertical antenna, and is often used to cover large facilities like a college campus.

Procaster AM Transmitter

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